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Make More Profit

We create and manage short-term rentals so you don't have to

The ephemeral way:

Imagine an STR that takes up less time than you can imagine!

Make More Money

Property owners and managers can expect higher gross rental incomes from our high-touch customer service and efficient, integrated management systems.

Keep Your Time

How about all of your time? We can handle every aspect of your STR management, from physical setup to communication with each guest, and more.

Have Zero Stress

STRs are super easy... You just list your home and you're good, right? Not really. We've been doing this a while. We know the ins & outs so you don't have to.

Save On Costs

Your property is returned to perfect every single week and is as good or better 3 to 5 years from now than the first day you decide to work with us. That's a win!


Doesn’t ephemeral mean temporary, or short-lived...?

We named our company Ephemeral as a reminder to ourselves that we get to impact a fleeting moment in the lives of our guests. When someone stays at one of our properties they are on some sort of journey. We don’t expect any of our guests to remember us, but know that many of them will treasure the memories they make on this trip for a lifetime.

We create beautiful spaces and seamless experiences to provide a backdrop for extraordinary moments in the lives of our guests.

Ephemeral Stays creates and manages exceptional short-term rental experiences for your guests. We turn your property into a clean, safe, reasonably priced place for guests to enjoy. While doing this, we create more passive income for you with less stress. 

While these statements are true, they don’t communicate the heart of our enterprise. We believe that travel is sacred and honor our role in providing places where people will spend a large part of their trip. Where you gather and sleep has a significant impact on the quality of your travel so we recognize the value we provide by creating places to stay that will enhance any and every experience.

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Cosimo I.

We wanted to move close to family, but we also want to move back to CO in a few years. With the market as good as it is, it didn't make sense to sell and try to buy back into this warm market later.

We chose to work with Tom to rent our house as a short-term rental instead of long-term. Now our home will still be in good condition when we return and we don't have the stress of selling, buying and renting!

 What you'll get:

Under Our Management

  • 01 - The basics

  • 02 - Options

  • 03 - Personalised offer

  • 04 - Transparency

We handle the basics. Do you already have a short-term rental but you don't want to deal with the stress of managing multiple site listings, providing timely customer service to guests, or dealing with maintenance issues while you're sleeping? Let us handle all of the basics of your short-term rental property.

I bought a house in Denver that I thought I would just love to live in, but it turned out it was too much space for me. I ended up moving into a smaller home and Tom helped me realize the benefit of holding onto my property since it had a main house and a back house, both of which I could short-term rent and more than cover the cost to live in my new home that I love!


Denver homeowner

I own a condo in a travel destination and I wanted to turn it into a short-term rental but didn't want the trouble of managing it at a distance when I've never done that before. The Ephemeral team came in and had the place ready from zero furniture to listed in just a few days. Now it is making me money and is still a great place to travel for our family.


Florida homeowner

I owned an STR property for many years and did well at it but just didn't want to manage it anymore, but I still wanted the passive income. Tom and I created a partnership on the property where I am now completely hands off and my property still makes me great revenue with literally zero time and effort. I'm so glad I didn't have to get rid of it to continue to benefit from all the hard work I put into it in the past.


Illinois homeowner